Redbox Promo Codes ( As Gifts)

This Christmas I was looking for little inexpensive gifts that I could give out to my mailman, the kid's teachers and other people in our lives who I wanted to recognize but not go overboard with buying them all pricey gifts.  I thought about coffee gift cards, candy, candles, the usual suspects but those things can start to add up and you never know the flavors or scents that people love, or the ones that they despise!   Then one day while checking out at the grocery store I saw the RedBox machine & it just hit me!   How great is the gift of a movie night?!

Our American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

My twins turned ten year old this year!!  They wanted a memorable party to celebrate this milestone.  This year our family has been so into the NBC show American Ninja Warrior so they asked if they could plan the party around this theme. 

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

Are your kids into the NBC show American Ninja Warrior?  Mine sure are!  Now they want to plan thier next birthday party with the Ninja Warrior theme.  They asked if we could build a course in the backyard for their party?!   I don't see that happening so I looked in my area for places that offer something similiar and it turns out a lot of places now are offering Ninja Warrior classes...who knew?  We'll go & check a few places out and see where we'll have the birthday party! 

Movie Night Birthday Parties

Now that my kids are getting older they are moving away from the outside the house party themes like roller skating, or trampoline parks.  They are now moving more towards smaller more intimate parties. 

A movie night party seems to be a big hit now for the teenage years.   They pick the newest movie out at the time, order some pizza, pop some popcorn, get out the candy and kick back with thier friends for the perfect birthday party! 

I have everything you need to get the party started.  Starting with the invitation :

Valentine's Day Treat Bags & Favors

My kids love Valentine's Day & love giving special little treat bags to all their classmates. That can get expensive when you have 25+ kids per classroom.  I have created a few favor ideas that are very budget friendly.  My favorite are "Valentine Kisses" fill a 3x4" bag with Hershey Kisses ( you only need 6-8 kisses per bag) and tie on a cute little favor tag!  Perfect!  Here are a few examples.  All these items are available on my website :

Snowman Soup!

Have you heard of Snowman Soup?  What a cute idea for winter party favors, winter birthday favors, or classroom treats.

Simply fill a bag of your choice with a packet of cocoa mix, a few marshmallows and a candy cane - tie on the snowman soup favor tag and you have the cutest little gift! 

I have four styles of tags to choose from in my shop - if you want me to add personalization just contact me & I can do that!


Ice Cream Birthday Party Favors

My kids celebrated their birthday with an ice cream themed party.  I wanted a cute party favor that would fit with the theme so I decided that instead of the typical goody bags I'd fill up ice cream pints instead. Since then I have been getting a lot of request asking to see how I made them.  Below is a tutorial on how to decorate an ice cream pint.

Twins, or Siblings having a Halloween Party Together?

Are your children having a halloween party or halloween birthday party?  Being a mom of twins I know that it's hard to find favors that are for two children.  Whether you have twins or just siblings that are hosting a party together - it's hard to find favors in stores!  I have designed favor tags are that meant for twins or siblings - here are a few samples here - if you don't see exactly what you're looking for just contact me & I can help design a tag that is meant just for you!

Halloween is on the way! Giving out Halloween Favors

Now that school has started back up, halloween is just around the corner!  If your kids are like mine they love to hand out little favors to their classmates.  Putting together favors for 25+ kids can get pricey, especially if you have more than one child.  Below is one example of a cute, unique favor that you can put together & not break the bank! 

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