Thanksgiving Acorn Treats

Check out these adorable little acorns!  

Looking for a simple little treat to bring to your Thanksgiving table this year?  Look no further!  These festive little acorn treats are so simple, so delicious, and so easy!  Who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter?!

These are so easy to make - My daughter and I set up a little assmbly line to make the process run smoothy.

What do you need?  Mini Nutter Butter Cookies, Mini Chocolate Chips, and Hershey Kisses ( That's It! )

First we split the Nutter Butters in half and spread the filling out a little to make it even.  Next we unwrapped the Kisses to get them ready.  I took a scoop of the mini chocolate chips and melted them to use as our "glue" to glue to kisses to the cookie and to "glue" the mini chip to the top to make the acorn stem.

These were so fun and so easy to make!  

Happy Thanksgiving!  


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