School Bus Driver Thank You Gift - Teacher Appreciation Week ( Thank your bus driver )

It's the end of April!  That means that Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up!  During this week we acknowledge our teachers and give them small tokens to show them that we appreciate all the things they do for our children.  During this week lets not forget the school bus driver that drives our kids to and from school everyday.  The bus driver makes sure the kids get to and from school safely and also monitors them on the ride ( which I'm sure is not always easy! ) 

I designed this tag to thank you the school bus driver!  Tie it onto any goodies you like!   You can find it on my website -

I was looking around for cute gift ideas for the bus drivers and saw these adorable little wraps that you can wrap around Nuggets Chocolate candy to make them look like little school buses - how cute is that!  You can find the free download for the candy wraps here ;

Whatever you give know that it will always be appreciated - the smallest token of kindness goes a long way to show someone that you appreciate them!  


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Thank you.

Thank you.

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