The Christmas Gift Dilema for all those people in your life

Every year as Christmas time rolls around I get stuck as what to buy all those little, but important people in my life.  You know the people I mean, the mailman, the kid's bus driver, the teachers, the principal, the list goes on & on!   I don't want to spend an arm and leg buying things they'll never use or just get too many of, but I want to get something that is thougtful and says I appreciate all you do for me.

My new go to gift is the Redbox Gift Card!  I love it!  Each gift will cost me less than $2 but makes a very big impact!  

I go to and buy promo codes right from the site and then they get emailed to me. You can buy 5 for $7.50, 10 for $15, or 20 for $30.  I always buy more than I need because you never know when you'll get that unexpected person who you forgot and if you have extras you can always use them for yourself, I always do!

I print out this gift tag ( that  will you cost $3 for the file and then you can print as many as you need)

I write the promo codes onto the tags & then tie it onto a bag of microwave popcorn.  ( you can buy the family size box at walmart for a great price!)

That's it!  So easy and so inexpensive but it makes such a great gift that they will actually use and enjoy!

Happy Gifting!


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The christmas gift dilemma

The christmas gift dilemma for all the people, keep ensure the essential appreciate things and products with us. More printing essay help uk concepts for expecting microwave popcorn programs always for useful tips.

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